What our clients and partners are saying

“VIZIM has a strong technical background

and ability to teach that makes them an ideal training partner for Perforce software."
-- Shelley Reed, Training Manager, Perforce Software Inc.
VIZIM has the ability to provide high quality training, support, and customized solutions for our web development."   -- Paul Nikkanen, Project Manager, eBusiness Systems, Cognos Inc.
"We really appreciated the training VIZIM provided to our SCM team, as well as the performance consulting they did later on. The quality of training was great and the performance consulting brought some interesting points to light ." -- Robert Duff, Software Systems Specialist, Research In Motion
"Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of technical support people in government and in the private and non-profit sector. Without a doubt the highest level of customer service, professionalism, empathy, good humour, knowledge and effectiveness was provided by the technical support team at VIZIM. I would not hesitate to recommend their services."
 --Scott Lamberton, Director of Communications, Linux Professional Institute
Linux Professional Institute
"For ATG, VIZIM taught two courses on Perforce, a course for the implementers of ATG's Perforce system and an advanced course for ATG's developers. Both groups were enthusiastic about VIZIM's knowledge and teaching skills. VIZIM covered the technical detail quickly and thoroughly, while keeping us interested and engaged. Matthew is a talented teacher with a deep understanding of Perforce and software configuration management. VIZIM's courses made it easy to roll out Perforce." -- Brad Barber, ROAD Manager, Art Technology Group
"I attended a training class given by VIZIM. Besides being well-spoken and personable,VIZIM was extremely knowledgable about the course material. It is very rare to come across a trainer with so much real-world experience with the tools the training course is about. All in all, the course was a useful and enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend VIZIM for your training needs." -- Bart Maclean, Engineer, Zoran Corporation