What happens when migrations go wrong?

VIZIM can help you prevent migration disasters as well as controlled disaster recovery.

What could go wrong?

  • process modifications
  • build changes
  • schedule sequencing
  • user training
  • cost overruns
  • and a plethora of other compounding issues that create the real challenges

Over the past 10 years VIZIM has developed a proprietary set of custom migration tools crucial to meeting the needs of the most complex environments.

A large staff and on-the-job learning is no match for VIZIM’s 30+ years of migration expertise when dealing with mission critical issues and looming deadlines.
Without the VIZIM customized tool sets, migration schedule management and disaster recovery are difficult, if not impossible.



VIZIM has the technical and training experience to remove the risk and ensure migration success.

VIZIM has worked with

  • Bazaar

  • Clearcase

  • CVS

  • GIT

  • Subversion

  • Visual Sourcesafe


With VIZIM migration packages, end-users are productive right from the “go live” date!

Want someone to trust with your migration?

VIZIM full history migrations are solid

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